Taking a lead from the default currency on our operational platform (wavesplatform blockchain); the WavelengthXash Token [WLXT] has evolved to integrate value (a rise/boost) to major leading asset (such as the Waves, Ethereum, Bitcoin and  among other pairs), individuals, businesses, and companies through our lightweight business model for the marketplace integration.




WavelengthXash has come as a major trend changer within the custom token operation ecosystem of the wavesplatform to redefine what DEX means; as a medium to facilitate lightweight business model at point of sales for commodity and service value, crowdfunding, trading of financial instruments on the blockchain and a new look at profit sharing on the bases of accrued profit through our node HODLing and lease mining nodes.
Thanks to the wavesplatform that has beautifully crafted with expertise a new horizon for lightweight client developers and providers to procure easy installation procedure and a flat learning curve for end users, of which the WLXT team are beneficiaries.